Empowering Women with the GCA’s peer mentoring programme

The post was collaboratively written by team members, Esther from PLMR Group (London) and Otito from Credo Advisory (Nigeria).


What it is like to be a woman in comms in the UK

Working in education communications means I can work with more women in leading positions, given they make up 31% of the CEOs in the Trust sector. It is a pleasure to share their stories and experiences in running schools. While politics in the UK has predominately been a male-dominated field, I have worked closely with a wide range of female officials in positions across the Government through my role.


What it is like to be a woman in comms in Nigeria

Despite women dominating the communications sector in Nigeria, men predominantly make up the top management and board levels. Within my organization, which is founded and led by a woman, I have worked with women leaders who have made significant strides in the field. These women hold influential positions, serve on advisory boards, and have successfully secured big international deals, showcasing their expertise and impact in the industry.


Salient issues for women in both countries

In both countries, working in comms tends to be a more female-dominated field. This creates a strong network for women to support one another and excel in the sector. Despite this, women in politics and higher positions in the communications sector, as with most industries in both our countries, tend to be fewer and further between – although there is work being done within Nigeria and the UK to help encourage more women into politics and higher paid positions. However, more can be done to create opportunities for women to climb the ladder. It is also essential when working in comms to help tell the stories of women succeeding in higher-paid jobs to help inspire others and create strong ambitions across our different sectors.


Looking to the future

Creating opportunities through programmes like the GCA’s peer mentoring programme, which both Credo and PLMR offer, helps empower women in comms to connect and share ideas.

We have both enjoyed learning about what it means to be a woman in comms in each other’s country and discovering our shared experiences, especially in the appreciation of having strong women in power who have helped to mould our experiences in our roles.


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