Agenda and Credo Advisory Appointed as Global Communications Alliance Co-Chairs

Agenda and Credo Advisory, leading communications firms in the United States of America and Nigeria, respectively, have been appointed Co-Chairs of the Global Communications Alliance (GCA).

GCA is a network of like-minded independent agencies that provide the very best integrated communications services to clients around the world. Members include agencies in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. GCA members are known for their award-winning campaigns and successful engagement strategies across various sectors and stakeholder groups. The Alliance serves as a gateway to new markets, a platform for sharing best practices and an organisation that promotes value-added collaborative opportunities across the globe.

Following the appointment announcement at the GCA 2024 annual conference, Grace Alegeh, Partner at Credo Advisory, and Gerges Scott, Senior Vice President at Agenda, will co-lead the GCA, ushering in a new era of collaboration and innovation for the Alliance.

Credo Advisory is honoured to co-chair GCA with Agenda,” said Grace Alegeh. “Together, we will empower our member agencies to be sought-after communications and public affairs firms. Credo aims to promote the impactful work by GCA agencies and will implement innovative initiatives that will drive business growth and strengthen the GCA brand.”

Gerges Scott added “Agenda is privileged to serve as the Co-Chair of the Global Communications Alliance, a role we accept with great responsibility. We are dedicated to expanding the Alliance with agencies that align with our ethical and professional standards. In an era of technology transforming the global marketplace, we are committed to leveraging innovation for greater effectiveness and improved client services.”

As Co-Chairs, Credo Advisory and Agenda will continue to foster knowledge sharing, mentorship, and professional development for member agencies and their staff while amplifying the GCA brand on the global stage.


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