GCA Energy Forum: the race to energy security

If the last four years have shown anything about the world we live, it is that it is far from energy secure. Across continents, countries have battled with price volatility, shortages, and questions over the right pace for the energy transition.

Faced with volatile geopolitics – from Europe to the Middle East – global inflation, and the prospect of domestic elections, next year promises similar challenges for governments and industry.

In this environment, the GCA Energy Forum brings together experts from 10 leading communication agencies across the globe. Working at the forefront of energy, the Forum provides a space to discuss challenges and solutions and share advice and insights on how clients are navigating this world.

Amongst the uncertainty, the Forum has shown cause for optimism. Investment in new technologies – hydrogen, CCUS, offshore wind and solar – is growing worldwide. The race to secure investment, encouraged through tax incentives for clean technology – as in Canda – the IRA in the US, or the launch of the first CfD auctions for offshore wind in Romania, has been a defining theme of 2023.

So too have general elections which, from the UK to Argentina, have brought potential new approaches to the net zero and energy agendas.

Coming together through the Energy Forum, GCA consultants can share best practice examples of overcoming policy challenges; shifting perceptions on out-of-favor technologies; and how clients can best navigate a competitive investment environment.

Energy is as complex as it is global. The GCA Energy Forum is bringing ideas, expertise, and clarity to clients in this evolving world.

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