Global Communications Alliance launches new Global Creativity Board

The Global Communications Alliance (GCA) is pleased to have officially launched its Global Creativity Board, designed to provide our clients with global insights from creative, experienced consultants.  

The Global Creativity Board is a forum for some of the GCA’s most creative consultants and agency founders from around the world to give strategic advice and input into new business pitches, client briefs and more.  

Board members were nominated for being some of their respective agencies’ most creative consultants and they will help to inspire all GCA colleagues to take different and new creative approaches to their work.  

The Board’s first session took place in May. Board members for the pilot session included: 

  • Ruud Bijl, Bijl PR 
  • Markus Hilse, navos  
  • Christine Kummer, navos 
  • Jasmin De Vivo, PLMR 
  • Valeria Franco – Infomedia 
  • Sylvie Lillywhite – StudioTokyo at Whyte Corporate Affairs  

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