Coalition Crisis in Romania

Analysis & implications of the turmoil surrounding the split of Romania’s ruling coalition

Political stability in Romania has taken a strong hit in recent days after Florin Cîțu, the country’s Prime Minister from the senior coalition National Liberal Party (PNL), moved to dismiss Stelian Ion, the Justice Minister, from one of his two coalition partners, the centrist USR-PLUS, over the party’s refusal to accept a €10 billion-strong development and infrastructure plan. The PM’s decision has immediately provoked the collapse of the three-party coalition, with the Cabinet currently working with minority support from Romania’s Parliament.

As pressure mounts on the ruling parties to create a new coalition agreement to ensure governance, Kesarev takes a detailed look at Romania’s current political crisis, its implications for foreign businesses, as well as potential future scenarios. For the full review, please click here.


GCA launches Global Education Series

The Global Communications Alliance (GCA) is pleased to have hosted its first global education session. As part of the GCA’s commitment to integrate colleagues from across our partner agencies, the “All Agency Series” will see consultants invited to attend seminars on a range of topics relevant to the work of our businesses and clients.

About the GCA

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