Moldova’s New Government

Almost a month after the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), supporting pro-EU Moldovan President Maia Sandu, scored a landslide victory during Moldova’s long-awaited snap parliamentary vote on July 11th, Natalia Gavrilița, an economist and former Finance Minister, has been confirmed as the country’s new Prime Minister.

Facing extremely high expectations from the Moldovan public, the Gavrilița Cabinet has already outlined a number of plans for the country’s immediate future, as Moldova continues its recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Both the European Union and Russia have taken initial steps towards future cooperation with Chisinau, which so far appear to be constructive and focused on the economy rather than politics.

Kesarev provides an introduction into the current state of Moldovan politics, prospects for the country’s political stability, the priorities of the Gavrilița Government, likely future post-election scenarios. as well as initial reactions to the change of government from the EU and Russia.

Detailed overview prepared by GCA member Kesarev is here

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