Month: August 2021

Polish Ruling Coalition Fractures – Snap Elections on The Horizon?

Will the Polish right-wing government survive the dismissal of junior coalition party Accord and Donald Tusk’s return to domestic politics? Division inside the current ruling Polish coalition government (the Zjednoczona Prawica or United Right, bloc) is not exactly a new phenomenon: there has been a long-running turmoil at the heart of Polish politics since Spring …

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Moldova’s New Government

Almost a month after the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), supporting pro-EU Moldovan President Maia Sandu, scored a landslide victory during Moldova’s long-awaited snap parliamentary vote on July 11th, Natalia Gavrilița, an economist and former Finance Minister, has been confirmed as the country’s new Prime Minister. Facing extremely high expectations from the Moldovan public, …

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Foreign Investments in Russia Safety Alert

Overview of Limitations of Foreign Investments and Consequences for Foreign Companies in Russia Due to the significant changes of the investment climate in Russia, the

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