Navos: New Structures For a New Decade

After ten years of growth: Agency expands its management structure with five associate

Berlin, Düsseldorf, 11 August 2021. navos has grown steadily since it was founded ten years
ago. The communication agency, which was founded by Anja Schlicht, Markus Hilse and Jung
von Matt in 2011, now has 60 consultants. The agency, with offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf and
Hamburg, has continued to grow organically even during the corona crisis.

navos – Public Dialogue Consultants is now responding to this growth by spreading the
responsibility for the team and corporate development across more shoulders. “We need and
we want experienced sparring partners as a management team who will develop navos together
with us,” says Anja Schlicht, Managing Director of navos. “We’re therefore handing over some
of our previous tasks to five experienced colleagues who’ve been helping to build navos for
many years and who’ve shaped our work for our clients.”

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