Month: June 2022

Canada and the UK: Race To Net-Zero

Tackling climate change is an important policy area in the UK and Canada, but how are their Government’s rising up to the challenge? Hussain Shorish (formerly, Blue Sky Group) and Jade Bennett (PLMR) explore this in their report. To read the report, click here.

The Value of Proactivity and Transparency

By Fermin Selva and Cameron Holmstrom In an increasingly small and interconnected world, we are seeing impacts on many industries and how they operate. This is the same for new industries built around innovative technologies and older, traditional industries, built around the development of natural resources. It is becoming increasingly important to proactively tell one’s …

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Fostering global connections through the GCA Peer Mentorship Programme

The connection and knowledge-sharing of like-minded comms consultants across the world sits at the heart of the Global Communications Alliance (GCA). Most recently, our consultants have taken part in a peer mentorship programme. Taking place over four months, the programme was designed to support colleagues develop connections across the GCA network, stimulate new ideas, and …

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GCA launches Global Education Series

The Global Communications Alliance (GCA) is pleased to have hosted its first global education session. As part of the GCA’s commitment to integrate colleagues from across our partner agencies, the “All Agency Series” will see consultants invited to attend seminars on a range of topics relevant to the work of our businesses and clients.

About the GCA

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