Fostering global connections through the GCA Peer Mentorship Programme

The connection and knowledge-sharing of like-minded comms consultants across the world sits at the heart of the Global Communications Alliance (GCA). Most recently, our consultants have taken part in a peer mentorship programme.

Taking place over four months, the programme was designed to support colleagues develop connections across the GCA network, stimulate new ideas, and share best practice and new perspectives.

Participants were given the opportunities to learn about our partner agencies, discuss their client briefs and explore communications tactics that are commonly used in their country.

Together, participants discussed issues of relevance to their work, and over the next couple of weeks we will be publishing the articles they created. Topics participants explored included: how to build brand awareness, the race to net-zero in the UK and Canada, and the value of transparency in the mining sector.

In this first piece, Deborah Harrow from Credo Advisory, Nigeria, and Stefanie Dilger from navos, Germany, wanted to depict how communications can enable better understanding of different cultures, global challenges, and solutions.


About the GCA

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