We Communicate Change

With a new logo, branding and website, navos announces new focus on communication and dialogue for industrial transformation and energy transition.

Berlin / Düsseldorf / Hamburg. Energy transition and climate neutrality, industrial transformation, digitalisation and new ways of working – our economy and society are in the midst of rapid, radical change. Industries, businesses and organisations face pressure to quickly “reinvent” themselves. There’s a lot to explain. Internally and externally. And that requires excellent communication. This is navos is all about. An owner-managed communications agency with offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg, navos specialises in communicating complex issues and fostering stakeholder dialogue.

Since its founding in 2011, navos Public Dialogue Consultants has helped both German and international clients to communicate about a wide range of complex topics, including infrastructure expansion, raw materials security, digitalised working environments and sustainable mobility.

The agency will now focus even more strongly on this expertise. With a fresh logo, dynamic branding, a new website and a clear message: We communicate change.

“The question that drives us and our clients is: How can we make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050?” says Anja Schlicht, one of navos’ three managing directors. “There are no simple answers. But we are striving to find them together. In dialogue with employees, business, local residents, the media and policymakers. Because taking them along on the journey is the be-all and end-all for us. It’s the only way to succeed at strong, efficient communication.”

The agency boasts over a dozen years of industry experience and an 85-strong team. This year, for the fourth time in a row, navos was ranked as the No. 1 communicator in the energy sector, and one of the 25 largest agencies in Germany, according to the respected Pfeffer PR Ranking. In other words, navos is Germany’s top “energy explainer”. But energy isn’t the only sector in which navos is communicating and helping to shape the future.

“Our clients are diverse. They come from industry and construction. They supply Europe with energy and raw materials, build infrastructure, set new standards in logistics and mobility, and reshape the way we live together,” says Charlotte Holzum, Managing Director. “The communication plans we develop and deliver are as varied as the topics we cover. Whether local dialogue, social media strategies, traditional media work, support with in-house changes or CEO positioning, our goal is to make communication better and to come up with solutions that work.”

You can find examples of how navos and its clients are jointly helping to shape the future in the sector cases on our website.

Management team of navos (l. to r.): Anja Schlicht, Charlotte Holzum, Markus Hilse ©navos, photo: Maxim Schulz


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