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Two colleagues from Bijl PR and Alterpraxis recently connected via a series of video calls. Covering a distance of 10000 kilometers between Rotterdam and Mexico City. When people in the Netherlands were ice skating while Mexico City was covered in the sun.


At great distance from each other but chasing same goals

Although Bijl PR, based in the Netherlands, and Alterpraxis, based in Mexico, may seem far apart, both agencies show similarities in client profile and eagerness to make a difference in societal issues. A healthy environment is a global challenge for us all, everywhere around the world. We see that companies worldwide are investing in renewable energy and a circular economy. PR and communications professionals play an important role contributing to the change in consumer behavior.

Here are some examples of Bijl PR and Alterpraxis’ work.


Bijl PR: inspiring millions of grandparents to buy second hand goods

Bijl PR was asked to advise on the campaign strategy for Marktplaats and encourage people to choose second-hand (toys) more often. The aim was also to promote Marktplaats as the place to buy and sell second-hand products and to position the platform as a leader in the development of the circular economy.

Gift used toys as presents instead of new ones more often. It makes no difference to children, but all the more to the environment, your wallet or purse and the world. This is the message Marktplaats conveyed in its latest holiday campaign.

The campaign couldn’t be missed and literally and figuratively got (grand)parents to change their behavior. Some results:

  • 10% more demand for second-hand toys on Marktplaats, more children received second-hand toys as gifts and were equally happy with them;
  • Representatives of second hand shops openly supported the campaign in interviews with journalists and welcomed more visitors to their shops;
  • Potential reach: 27.5 million people via a total of 161 publications: 83 print articles (incl. forward placements), 58 online and 20 radio and television items;
  • More than 2 million people reached through influencers on social media.


Ultimately the campaign was rewarded with a 2023 EMEA Sabre Award.

Melvin Voskuijl, consultant at Bijl PR: “It gives me great satisfaction to work on campaigns with societal significance. This is one of those. We succeeded in bringing the message about the importance of recycling to millions of people. (Grand)parents, caregivers, policymakers and politicians embraced the campaign and second-hand toys will now be considered quicker than before by many thanks to the campaign. Together with Marktplaats and partner agencies, we achieved a great result. That makes us proud.”


Alterpraxis: energy transition with social perspective

Thanks to its geographical location and trade agreements, Mexico has become an attractive country for foreign investment and the establishment of new businesses. This has led to a significant increase in demand for electricity, which has in turn led to a reconfiguration of the country’s energy matrix. National and international efforts to transition to a clean energy-based economy have also gained strong prominence in international agreements, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.

Since 2010, natural gas has been a transition fuel in Mexico due to its high availability in the neighboring United States and its low cost. As a result, the country’s energy policy has focused on the construction of gas pipelines to meet industrial demand in the Northeast and Center of the country, where the automotive, aeronautical, and transformation sectors are concentrated. However, not all expectations were met, and unequal benefits and discontent were common, particularly among vulnerable communities.

Nevertheless, there is always room for something different. The LOS RAMONES pipeline project was an inclusive initiative for workers and their communities. Alterpraxis, a strategic communication agency specialized in the energy sector, designed, implemented, and supervised the construction of socially beneficial works, such as the rehabilitation of neighboring spaces, schools, and provision of eco-techniques. Over two years, a team of eight experts in social management built a strong and trusting relationship with the communities along the project. The project was a story of common benefit and work, with some impressive results, such as:

  • 6,000 hours on the road
  • Traveling thousands of kilometers across five states
  • Two remote support offices (Nuevo León and San Luis Potosí)
  • Positive media coverage with local repercussions on a national scale
  • 100% PR DNA embracing the power of community relations
  • A featured documentary in National Geographic
  • A voice for more than 169 communities building meaningful relationships
  • $3MUSD delivered in customized goods for each community
  • More than 85,000 people benefited

This strategy earned Alterpraxis the SABRE Awards Latin America in the Corporate Social Responsibility category in 2017. This recognition reaffirms our commitment as communication strategists to work from our space with a social purpose.

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