Five-Party Government Takes Office in The Czech Republic

Following the surprise victory of the three-party SPOLU alliance during October’s parliamentary elections and their coalition deal with the Pirates and Mayors alliance, the Czech Republic finally has a new government, led by centre-right Prime Minister Petr Fiala and supported by five, ideologically diverse parties in the lower house. Kesarev takes a deeper look at […]

Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Elections

Political situation in Kyrgyzstan stabilizes after the elections to its Parliament (Jogorku Kenesh), but relations with foreign investors become more complicated. On 28 November, for the first time since the approval of its new constitution in May 2021, (which modified the country’s form of government from a parliamentary-presidential to a fully-presidential system) Kyrgyzstan held elections […]

Four-Party Coalition Forms Bulgaria’s New Government

What Can International Investors Expect from the Government of Kiril Petkov? After more than seven months of political uncertainty and three parliamentary elections in less than a year, Bulgaria finally has a new government. After both April’s original parliamentary elections and a snap parliamentary vote in July failed to produce a governing majority, the third […]

EU Recovery Funding in CEE: an Historic Response to an Unprecedented Challenge

Opportunities & risks for international investors as CEE markets look to recover from the COVID-19 crisis The European Union has started rolling out its major economic stimulus package as it looks to drive the post-pandemic recovery of its member states across the next decade. The Next Generation EU (NGEU) facility will provide €750 billion to […]

A Tax Revolution in Poland?

The New Economic Deal Policy of the Morawiecki Government and its Implications for Investors Poland’s ruling United Right coalition is hoping 2022 will be a year of economic transformation for the country, stimulated by the politically controversial Polish Deal, the Government’s landmark package of sweeping economic, tax and social policy reforms. The reforms outline significant […]


GCA AI Forum: our collective intelligence on AI

By Malcolm Sullivan, Director at navos  Google ‘best practice use of AI in communication’ and you’ll find an awful lot of plausible sounding, SEO-optimised, AI-generated


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With a new logo, branding and website, navos announces new focus on communication and dialogue for industrial transformation and energy transition. Berlin / Düsseldorf /

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