PLMR China Briefing 2021: The Story So Far

For those in the UK with investments in China, the past six months have required nerves of steel.
Unprecedented levels of Chinese state intervention in the economy, whether in curbing education
related Chinese businesses, or new rejuvenated clarity in the aim to ensure that Chinese economic
growth benefits the many and not just the view, and the ongoing taming of Chinese tech tycoons
have led to huge falls in many China-related funds and equities. Furthermore as we go to press, the
British media remains full of coverage on the woes of Evergrande, the Chinese property giant that is
pushing the maxim “too big to fail” to the absolute limit. It looks in desperate trouble.

It’s not all bad news. As COP approaches, we hope that a substantial Chinese delegation will attend
in Glasgow to continue the spreading of the strong messages on climate change that have of late
come out of Beijing. Whatever the latest on global political discussions, it remains the case that
China is a hugely valued economic partner to the UK and climate change will not be tackled without
the full involvement of and leadership by China.

We have talked in previous reports of the ongoing reality that China and Chinese investment play a
significant role in the UK economy. It is in this overall context that we publish our latest update on
China and its major economic and political trends as we approach Winter 2021. We hope you find this
latest report, drawn up by PLMR Team Members expert in all things Chinese, helpful.

Kevin Craig

Read the full report here.


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