PLMR Analysis: Autumn Budget and Spending Reveiw

The Chancellor started off by trying to strike a positive tone about the future, saying he was not drawing a line under Covid – and that we are certainly not at the end of the pandemic yet – but that he wants to create a higher wage, higher skills, higher productivity economy post Covid. With […]

Surprise Victory in Hungary’s First-Ever Opposition Primary

To the great surprise of many pollsters and political analysts, Péter Márki-Zay, an anti-establishment conservative Mayor, has won Hungary’s first-ever opposition primary, organized by an alliance of six, ideologically diverse parties that have united to oppose Prime Minister Orbán’s attempts to secure a fourth consecutive term in power. Márki-Zay’s victory could yet cause ruling party […]

PLMR China Briefing 2021: The Story So Far

For those in the UK with investments in China, the past six months have required nerves of steel. Unprecedented levels of Chinese state intervention in the economy, whether in curbing education related Chinese businesses, or new rejuvenated clarity in the aim to ensure that Chinese economic growth benefits the many and not just the view, […]

PLMR Acquires Genesis As The Latest Part Of Its Strategic UK Growth Plans

PLMR, one of the UK’s most successful and fastest-growing integrated communications agencies, has acquired East Anglia agency Genesis as it continues to take forward its strategic plan to strengthen its regional network and the services offered to clients.   The acquisition comes hot on the heels of PLMR’s announcement last week that it has acquired Advent Communications in the Midlands, and further adds to a network also covering London and the South East, as well as Scotland.  Bringing Genesis into the […]

Opposition Coalition Wins Surprise Victory in Czech Election

Implications of the Czech parliamentary elections for international investors Losing the election by a razor-thin margin in terms of popular support, the ruling ANO party of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš came in second during this weekend’s parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic. The strong electoral performance of its main rival, the centre-right SPOLU coalition, as […]

Romania’s Government Falls

Implications of the no-confidence vote against the Cîțu Cabinet Less than a year after its formation, Romania’s three-party government, led by Prime Minister Florin Cîțu and the National Liberal Party (PNL), has collapsed after a no-confidence vote in the country’s parliament. The vote, supported not only by opposition parties but also by former coalition member […]

PLMR Acquires Advent Communications As Part Of Strategic Growth Plan

PLMR, one of the UK’s most successful and fast-growing communications agencies, has acquired Midlands-based Advent Communications as it expands its regional network and further develops the breadth and quality of the services it offers to its clients. PLMR has been based in the Midlands since 2017, with its office in Birmingham part of a network that also […]


GCA AI Forum: our collective intelligence on AI

By Malcolm Sullivan, Director at navos  Google ‘best practice use of AI in communication’ and you’ll find an awful lot of plausible sounding, SEO-optimised, AI-generated


We Communicate Change

With a new logo, branding and website, navos announces new focus on communication and dialogue for industrial transformation and energy transition. Berlin / Düsseldorf /

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