Snap Elections in Bulgaria

What can international investors expect from another fragmented parliament?

Bulgaria’s much-anticipated snap parliamentary elections could mark the beginning of a new era in the country’s political life. While the vote on July 11 produced another fragmented parliament, pressure is mounting on the newly emerged There is Such a People party of Bulgarian singer and TV personality Stanislav Trifonov to build a functioning parliamentary majority and create a government with an electoral mandate.

However, ongoing rivalry between parties of the establishment and new political movements could prevent this, potentially leaving the Caretaker Government of Stefan Yanev in situ.

With Bulgarian politics entering a new chapter written by six parliamentary formations from various platforms and ideologies, Kesarev takes a detailed look at the aftermath of the snap parliamentary vote, the performance of the Caretaker Government installed in May and the implications the elections for foreign investors.

Detailed overview of the results of these elections and the implications for investors is here –


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