Political Impasse in Bulgaria

Caretaker Government Takes Office Ahead of Snap Parliamentary Elections Scheduled for July 11th

Bulgaria has been plunged into a major political impasse after the country’s much-anticipated parliamentary elections on April 4 failed to produce a stable government with a clear mandate. The multi-directional political rivalry between traditional Bulgarian parties and political newcomers has led to the dissolution of the parliament and the formation of a Caretaker Government led by former Defense Minister Stefan Yanev, ahead of snap parliamentary elections scheduled for July 11; the latest attempt to solve the political deadlock.

With Bulgarian politics becoming increasingly unstable, we take a detailed look at the aftermath of the parliamentary elections, the newly installed Caretaker Government and what it could mean for the country, as well as at the likely political scenarios for the upcoming elections.

Please click on this link to read the full overview and download the infographics with the structure of the Bulgarian caretaker government – cutt.ly/Bulgaria_political_impasse_May2021

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