Turkmenistan Parliamentary Election and Expected Power Transition

On 28 March 2021, Turkmenistan held its first ever election to the Halk Maslahaty (People’s Council), the upper house of its parliament, formed in 2021.

The election (largely a ceremonial affair in which members are elected by the regional authorities or appointed by the President himself) is a critical step in the forward planning of the regime of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov as it looks to quell rising social unrest and consolidate power ahead of any future need to manage a transition to a chosen successor.

President Berdimuhammedov is the second President of Turkmenistan, having held office since 2007.

Please follow this link if you would like to read the review of the current status of political developments in Turkmenistan, scenarios of the future power transition, and recommendations for corporate government relations functions – kesarev.partners/insight_20210407


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