Kesarev prepared a detailed outline of how “Google tax” is walking across the former Soviet Union region

Late June this year, the lower house of the Parliament of Kazakhstan (Majilis) approved in the first reading the draft amendments to the Tax Code introducing the so-called “Google tax” ( extraterritorial online service VAT ) in Kazakhstan.
The legislation is expected to pass the final second reading in the autumn and take effect from January 2021. Kazakhstan would then join a growing list of post-Soviet and EMEA jurisdictions introducing this model of taxation of digital services at the national level.



GCA launches Global Education Series

The Global Communications Alliance (GCA) is pleased to have hosted its first global education session. As part of the GCA’s commitment to integrate colleagues from across our partner agencies, the “All Agency Series” will see consultants invited to attend seminars on a range of topics relevant to the work of our businesses and clients.

About the GCA

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